How To Get More Leads From Your Website

Posted on: May 10, 2020

Written by: Mick Sherry

You can’t generate leads or gain new customers if your website isn’t getting enough relevant visitors.

Below are several digital marketing methods to increase your business website’s traffic, enabling you to grow your business.

The Problem: You Need To Get More Leads From Your Website But You Don’t Have Enough Traffic

Your business website isn’t getting enough relevant visitors to reliably convert them into customers.

If your site doesn’t have many incoming visitors, you have nothing to work with…No potential customers to convert into dollars.

Know Your Numbers

Firstly, you need understand how your website is performing (or under performing).

Get to know some basic stats about your website such as:

– How many visitors your website receives each month?
– How do those visitors arrive at your website?
– What percentage of those visitors turn into paying customers?
– How many of those visitors drop off after landing on your website or landing page (bounce rate)?

The data doesn’t lie, and your data should drive every decision you make when trying to improve your website.

How Can I Find Out?

It is standard practice to install software called Google Analytics on every website. Google Analytics will provide answers and offer many more useful insights/metrics.

If you don’t know how to read the valuable information in your Google Analytics, that’s okay. Ask your web designer to have a look at your Google Analytics account for you and interpret the stats.

If it turns out you are getting good traffic but no conversions, read this article on simplifying your website to generate more leads.

Don’t Have A Web Designer or SEO Expert You Can Trust?

Send me a message — I will read your Google Analytics stats for you and provide a brief summary.

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Solution 1: Short Term Methods to Get Targeted Website Visitors

Digital advertising (outbound marketing) will increase traffic to your website. You can notice an increase in visitors/leads/sales within hours.

Some businesses rely completely on digital advertising tactics to generate leads.

The only downside is that ads can be expensive if your ad campaigns are not set up by an expert.

1. Google Ads

Example of Google Ads in the wild.

You pay-per-click for targeted ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google Search results.

Google Ad campaigns are effective at driving relevant traffic and generate leads. You will often see results straight away.

2. Facebook/Instagram Ads

Example of two different styles of Facebook Ads.

Pay per view for inexpensive ads that appear in your audience’s Facebook feeds.

These ads can generate leads but are generally better for increasing brand awareness. You can usually see results within a few days of getting started.

3. LinkedIn Ads

Example of a LinkedIn Ad in my feed.

Pay-per-click on ads targeted at relevant businesses.

Highly effective for Business to Business (B2B) advertising. These ads will catch people who are more inclined to engage because they are in a business mindset.

4. Free/Premium Gumtree/Craigslist Ads

Gumtree Ads (left) & Craigs List ads (right)

Ad listing in your specified local area for your products or services.

This is effective for Business to Customer (B2C) products/services. Gumtree/Craigslist can be strong platforms for selling certain types of products/services.

Note: Be aware that Gumtree often generates more junk traffic or time wasters.

Solution 2: Sustainable & Longer-Term Methods To Get More Relevant Website Visitors

Organic Digital Marketing (usually inbound marketing) is a set of tactics to slowly build your website traffic over time.

This strategy is more sustainable and cost-effective when compared with many Digital Advertising tactics.

The difference is that it takes more time and effort to get results. However, there is no ceiling to how much your business can grow.

1. Google My Business (GMB) 

A Google My Business (GMB) profile is essential when building your website traffic. It allows people in your local area to discover your business, products or services.

GMB is easy to set up and once verified, it will quickly start bringing relevant traffic to your website.

How to set up a GMB profile

Follow this guide from Google:

Following on from the Set Up

Once you have a GMB profile, do the following:

1. Update your business information to be as comprehensive and accurate as you can.

2. Upload your businesses branding/logos and relevant images.

3. Update images, videos, posts and offers regularly.

You should update your GMB profile as often as you update your social media profiles or even more if you can.

2. Build Local Citations

A simple strategy. You create profiles for your business on relevant local directory websites.

This helps more customers to find you and it will benefit your SEO rankings. Note: Don’t pay for premium listings, local directory websites are dead and will not provide a good return on investment (ROI)  if you go premium – stick to the free listings.

Free Listing Directory Site Examples:

Hot Frog
Gold Coast Directory
Yellow Pages (free listing)
See more (50+ directory sites)

Profile Setup — NAP

When setting up these business listing profiles, it is crucial to be consistent. Keep your business name, address and phone number identical on each listing.

Consistency is key, but this can cause an issue if one of those primary details ever needs to change. You will then need to log into 50 different directories and make changes which is time consuming.

Automated services exist that will set up your directory listings for you.

Automate Your Citation Management

I recommend checking out these platforms if you want to save time and hassle:


3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a long-term strategy and requires an Professional SEO Consultant to get results.

When customers need your service, they type a search query into Google (only google?). SEO works by optimising your website to be the “best answer” for that search query.

SEO is an on-going strategy with the goals of:

1. Growing your website traffic & increasing relevant visitors.

2. Converting more visitors into paying customers.

3. Increasing your standing in search rankings.

What is Long-Term?

Results of SEO work are usually visible after 2–6 months. In some cases it can take longer.

The time frame to see SEO results depends on many factors and varies with every website.

I Recommend Professional SEO For Local Business Sites

Every local business should commit to at least 6–12 months of local SEO after getting a new website, or a website redesign.

Get started by searching for a local SEO freelancer or a Digital Marketing Agency.

Alternatively, my Private SEO services are available. Click here to enquire.

4. Email Marketing (EDM)

Email marketing is an outbound tactic where you send promotional emails about your products/services to a customer database.

The average return on investment (ROI) from email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent. In other words, you’re missing out by not using it.

If you’ve got a database of customer email addresses, email marketing is a must!

Action: If you are not collecting email addresses, start doing so immediately. An email database is an invaluable asset to your business and something you can always fallback on  when business is going slow.

Email Marketing Benefits

You can use email marketing to:

1. Keep your brand at the front of the customer’s mind.

2. Convert some of your past/current customers into repeat business.

3. Turn your past customers into advocates for your brand.

Getting Started

It’s easy and free or affordable to get started with a dedicated platform like Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Campaign Monitor.

All you will need to do is upload a contact list, select an email template and start planning your EDM campaigns. Remember to include relevant links back to your website.

Note: Retaining existing customers is far cheaper than investing to find new ones.

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