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Why WordPress?

Having your website built on the WordPress system, you can self manage your website’s content using it’s simple content management interface which is similar to editing a Word document.


WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress is one of my preferred content management systems because it is extremely easy (and not scary) for the end user (you) to use.

Using WordPress is a great way to improve your business website and allow yourself or your staff to self manage your website in-house (if you want to).

This can reduce the need to pay for ongoing website updates or development costs because you can make simple edits and updates yourself without the need to engage a web designer/developer.


You will need a Content Management System if:

  • You want to easily self-manage and update/edit content on your website or make it easier for your webmaster.
  • You want to reduce the costs of website updates and small changes.
  • If you want to start small with a handful of pages and gradually expand your website in the future.
  • You require Online Store/E-Commerce functionality.
  • You are running a news website or intend on blogging.
  • Your business website will need more than 5 pages.


WordPress is Extendable & Feature Rich

WordPress also provides an enormous array of additional functionality (called Plugins) as well as a huge library of existing website themes.

Plugins can be great because they extend the capabilities of your business website in a cost-effective way. Good plugins can save you time, and money and help your business succeed online.


Grow your Business with a Custom WordPress Website

Just because WordPress offers a vast range of templates and themes doesn’t mean that you have to use them if they don’t fit your business goals.

Leveraging custom website design and custom coding results in fast, unique and high-performance business websites.

Integrating a custom website design with WordPress gives your business the best of both worlds: A stunning custom-designed website which is also easy for you to edit the content and perform simple updates.


Custom WordPress Website’s are a Better Investment

In my experience, most businesses want their website to achieve specific goals such as (but not limited to):

  1. Forming the nucleus of their future digital marketing strategy. If the business is driving traffic to the website through paid advertising, SEO & social promotions, the website needs to be able to consistently impress, serve and convert these customers who are coming from a wide range of marketing channels.
  2. Successfully sell the product or service offered by the business. This requires effectively communicating how they can solve a problem for their customers and what life will be like once that pain point is addressed.
  3. Calling users to action for lead generation/enquiries. High-performance websites also have the capability of tracking conversions and collecting marketing data on customers.
  4. Ranking high in Google’s search results for relevant search queries related to their product or service.
  5. Providing a great first impression of the business. Looks aren’t the most important thing, but humans are naturally very judgemental at first glance. Giving an attractive and impactful first impression will seriously help your chances of winning over a new customer.
  6. Building trust, rapport and reciprocity by giving customers the information they expect to see in a format they are familiar with.
  7. Reducing friction by being easy to use. Effective websites provide customers with a fast, consistent and simple user experience across all devices including mobile phones, tablets, latops and desktop computers.


If you want to implement a successful, results-driven website strategy for your business, I highly recommend you consider investing in custom WordPress design and development.


Templated WordPress Web Design can Save Time & Money!

Using website templates or themes as a foundation for your web design can be more affordable for your business.

This approach may yield fewer results, but it will depend on what results you are aiming to achieve with your website.


Advantages of WordPress Templates

  • Greatly speed up web design and web development process so your website can be delivered in a shorter timeframe.
  • Skinning an existing template reduces labor which can lower the cost of building your WordPress website.
  • Most paid themes are inherently mobile-friendly out-of-the-box.
  • You can preview the look/feel of a template before purchasing it.


Disadvantages of WordPress Templates

  • WordPress templates tend to come bloated with extra functionality your site won’t use which can impact website performance, page load times and SEO.
  • Many modern WordPress templates lock you into using a page builder which can make updating/managing your website a nightmare.
  • Security issues and bugs can be a problem if the template is relatively new or not widely adopted.
  • Some website templates are so commonly used they can make your website look “the same” as your competitors.

Not every website needs to have lofty goals and custom design to achieve its purpose.

If you simply want a small business website you can direct customers toward with a flyer or business card, a WordPress template may be the perfect option for your business.


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